Access to view Only to Selected users Needed

Currently Blink only allows for one userID & password to access the Account along with Videos and real time viewing.

I have had to Pass along the User ID and Password to someone else so they have access to view the Videos and real time Viewing. This is TOTALLY against everything I do in Network Security. Ended up doing this for the Safety of my mom as I use the the Blink XT inside as a Home Monitoring camera.

Should be able to Grant access ( a Circle of trust as another app calls it ) for other users that would only have access to videos and optional real time viewing.


Hi @Icuhowie,

Cool idea! I haven’t heard this suggestion before, but I think you raise a great point about security, and sharing usernames and passwords. We are currently working on compiling new feature requests from users, and hope to be able to update our customers soon with some scheduled updates.

Stay tuned, and Happy Fourth!


Awesome idea, I totally support this


Much needed option! 20 chars.


@Evan, @rontalley, @Icuhowie

What do you all think this should look like in app.? I think its a great idea, but I am having trouble imagining what the integration would look like. Would there be a sharing feature for a specific system, and you could grant access to as many people as you like? Or would it look like something else?

In the Ring Pro app, the settings icon doesn’t even appear. Could be as simple as that. No gear icon for limited users…

Also in the Ring Pro app, it has a users icon. You send them an invite and they sign up and download the app. If you delete them from the user group, their log-in no longer works.


I just dream this stuff up as I go :wink:

Not sure of the grand scheme of things that Blink has up their sleeve.

But if I had to do something now, it would be something like,

Add user(s)
Grant access to Sync-Module(s), type of access, Limited/Admin
( Limited access just to get access to view cameras, Admin would be able to maintain anything at the Sync-Module level )

     Grant access to camer(s),   type of access,  View/View-Pic/View-Live/Admin 
     ( View just grants access to view in the Clould
     ( View-Pic, above plus update the current static pic of the camera that we see
     ( View-Live, above plus able to view Live camera 
     ( Admin,  Full Admin rights )

These are all wonderful ideas that i will be sure to have submitted to our engineers for future development. If you all think of any additional features along the lines of this please do update us!

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@rontalley, @Icuhowie

I see what you both mean, and I think a combination of those ideas would be great. I like the idea @Icuhowie puts out, about being able to grant various types of access (ie. limited vs. admin). I think this idea could potentially be expanded even further to have custom settings for various users, if you wanted to share this with multiple members of your family with different degrees of control, and viewing permission.

I think that plays well into what @rontalley was saying about there being no gear icon for a limited user. To expand on that further, if there were custom settings for each user you wanted in your “Blink Family,” this could also affect which cameras that specific account can view, and possibly other features as well.


Yes! Limited accounts and account permissions would be awesome!


Seems like everyone else got it covered

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Plus one on this as well. I had a support ticket opened and requested about this long when received my first batch from the initial kickstarter.

Great for situations with family members or roommates.

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Hi @nick_at_blink,

Can I add something to the conversation?
How about also being able to choose the duration of access when inviting someone to have access to your Blink system?
I.e., My family and I went away last weekend and I gave my dad the id/pw to my system.
How about I send him an invite as @rontalley sudjested and have it only active until the time/date my family return/deactivated automatically at the return event? This would be the same thing I do on daily basis for Contractor or departures in the ActiveDirecotory.


Hey @lmosenko,

That’s an interesting idea. Definitely seems like it could be very useful, my only concern would be making this system a little too complex. I’m not sure if that would create some confusion, but I think at the very least you should be able to add and remove other accounts and grant them various permission (I imagine it working similar to sharing a doc on google drive). ie. “can edit, can view, admin.” Could you elaborate on what you mean by the “Active Directory?”


That should not be an issue. I seen an HA lock company deminstrate that they will let you send an invite to a contractor which will let them log ito an app for their lock for a period of time. So if a company like that can do it, than I am confidant that Blink can too.

I am the person in my office who gets the fun of setting someone up in AD with groups, access and how long they will be here. So I am the one that gets an e-mail to update the End-Date for someone in m office and to block them in the system.

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Any update on this? We need this feature, like now!



As for making it too complex… just have an ADVANCED SETTINGS tab or something that hides the “complex” settings from default user view.

Boom, done.



Just curious on the outcome of this feature.

Please update the status of this request.

  1. Need ‘User’ level accounts with no admin privs.
  2. Need to be able to assign ‘Zones’ per user. (IE: Trusted user should only be able to see the zone(s) assigned, instead of every zone in the system)

This is a pretty basic and important capability. AKA ‘ACLS’ in most other security products. Retain the ‘Account Owner’ but include the above.
Thank you


this is something that came to mind for me also… but in my case I’m hoping blink could design and implement something like a ‘moderator’ setting.
I thought I’d give blink a try in my building which is a condominium complex. it’s a small association so we couldn’t do these extravagant systems.
Blink impressed me with their system and have added on units and sync modules and everyone is very happy with it.
The 1 thing I wish I could do, and others have mentioned this, is to provide others the ability to at least access the system, and view any recordings but only the moderator of the system would have the ability to delete videos, change settings, etc. something like a guest mode.

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