Access controls - role based and multiple users

one of the down sides to access is there the base unit can only associate with one email account. this limits the ability to create guest accounts or limited users with lesser privledges ( admin vs user) .


Hi @gblink,

I agree, that being able to have multiple accounts, with various permissions, would be a great feature! We have another thread going on this, found here, if you would like to add anything to the discussion there!


+1 vote for this feature. As a user, I want to be able to add other users to the account so that they can use a separate login. Additionally, I’d like the ability to have limited visibility into different systems. We have a family cabin and I’d like a system for that location but don’t want other family members to be able to see my house cameras.


Here is what I’d like to see in this area:


I have a Blink system at home and would like one for our family cabin. I want to share camera access to the camera system (with multiple users) without showing them my home cameras.

User Story:

As a user, I want to be able to add new users to my blink account so that I can restrict / administer access to certain camera systems.

Acceptance Criteria:

  • A parent account will have the ability to add a separate user / user login to have permission to access certain camera systems
  • Separately-added users will only have access to the camera system(s) that the parent account allows
  • BHAG - Parent account can designate read/write rules for the camera’s motion sensing capabilities. First phase could be that a child user can modify notifications directly to the camera that would be reflected in the parent account’s notification settings
  • Device-level notification settings are out of scope (individuals retain the ability to set and change device-specific notification settings)
  • Notifications from cameras will be user-specific while camera event control will remain with the parent account (i.e. User can choose at the app level whether or not they want to accept the camera system-level notifications for camera motion / detection)
  • Separate login ID’s and passwords will be required for each user so that I do not need to share my credentials (sharing of my login credentials with other users, even though family members / friends, is a security risk)
  • A child account can opt out of access to a system at time of invitation or after an invitation is accepted. Regaining access will require the parent account to invite the user again.
  • Parent account has the ability to turn off access for child users

Is this even possible with the structure of the system today?


I think these sound like good requirements. Can anybody from the Blink team confirm when such functionality will be available?


No one from blink will confirm anything until it’s released.


This was a user request from over a year ago…


There is another thread from 2017, same subject:

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Actually the WYZE cameras have a great function of adding users email to the primary account. The Owner simply gives access to any additional users by their email. This keeps the Primary owners account and password secure while allowing the added users to have limited access to the cameras. While this is basic at this point they are going to add the ability for the added users to control the notifications which is important. Hard to believe that Blink would advocate sharing of user names and passwords, that is terrible in today’s society. Hopefully they will quickly resolve this and not put people at risk…

As a 30 year IT professional I agree with all of the criteria you have posted and it all should be done sooner than later. No company should ever advocate the sharing of user names and passwords, it can be a very serious security risk for all involved. In fact the software should never have been released without multiple security levels included on the original release. Blink should never advise people to share user names and passwords to access their cameras, ever…
As critical as this is the criteria you described can be added very quickly, My team would have something like this corrected in a week or less, More over we never would have released the software without an adequate security level you describe for the safety of our users.
Hope they take this serious and get it resolved fast…

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People are currently talking about getting “fancy” with guest access and time based access control etc. , did at least basic multi-user access with separate credentials ever get implemented which people started asking for 2 years ago in this thread? My stepdad just bought and installed one of these Blink systems and at first look it appears Blink’s idea of multi user access is still sharing login credentials. I halfway expected to not be allowed to create my own account for use on the forum. If not even that has been implemented, there’s probably not much point in discussing more advanced access controls. I’ve been a sys admin since the early 1980’s and we started preaching against sharing of credentials even back in those days. That a company selling a security product came out with a system requiring sharing of credentials in 2017 is bad enough. Please tell me that’s not really still the case 2 years later. I did not read the entire thread. I really hope I missed Blink informing people that at least basic account based multi user access control has been implemented. /tony


It hasn’t been implemented (unfortunately). .

Hi guys,
i think that this feature is the most important at the moment.
I have 2 Blink system:

  • home
  • office
    So now i can’t share my credentials with my office collegues because they are going to see my home cameras.
    This is not possible for the privacy.
    Please implement this feature asap.

Hey folks, new to the blink community, I think the last update on multiple accounts was December 2019? Was wondering if there has been any progress on the ability of creating multiple IDs? If not, is this something that is going to be done? If it is going to be done, can you give us an idea on timing? Ball park is fine - Q3 ‘20, Q2 ‘21? If not or if unlikely, it would be nice to know so we stop bugging you.

I tend to agree with the majority, just create the ability to have multiple users, then over time you can enhance the ability by introducing updates which would all us to manage what the additional users can do.

Thanks - great system by the way - on to trying to get my buddy Alexa to be able to mess with it,


Welcome to the forums! Amazon does not allow Blink to disclose future plans/products so you won’t get an answer. Personally I think that with all the “stuff” they need to fix this would be way down on their list if it is on the list at all.

Ron / All,
Thanks, I was reading another thread and learned it’s worse than I thought. When the time came (it’s here now) and I wanted to buy a new ‘system’ module and install a camera in my garage that only I could mess with. Thought I could set up another e-mail account - that would be an incorrect thought. What I just learned is while that would work I would also need another device to install the Blink app on as you can’t even manage 2 different e-mail accounts from the same instance of the blink app without signing in and out. What a pia.


Do you have Android Chuck. If you do, read about setting up profiles on your phone. Sometimes described as work profile. Works a treat. Not available for iOS.

I would just like to add my name to the list of users that think it’s ridiculous not to be able to grant access to more than one user or login. I just trashed an Arlo system for the Blink, that at least had that capability.

WEAK blink support for Family user sharing!