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Hello what do I do to turn the night vision on please? I have 4 cameras all set up & working fine. But at night I’ll get an alert and then can’t see what it is. It might be a burglar with a knife or a squirrel with a nut. Who knows, its too dark?? I understand it can’t light up & see too far off. But if something is right in front of the camera and can’t be seen, I’m thinking something isn’t set up correctly? Or may be wrong.:woman_shrugging:

The blink camera motion detection enable turns off by itself.
How do you prevent this?

Hi, I bought a blink xt in the UK and love it!! A couple of days later I was going to buy one or two more, but they aren’t available on Amazon. Pulled due to mixed reviews?? I really want to expand my security system with this product - why can’t I? Will I be able to in the future? When?

Hey @Paul_Simpson,

We are currently sold out of most of our XT cameras in the UK, other than the 3 camera system. Stay tuned for updates! Please note we also have indoor cameras available!


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See. Awesome response time to my query! That’s just why I’m really psyched about this product and business. Will keep checking in for more info. Thanks Nick.

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Hopefully someone can give me some pointers or tips to help with my current situation. I am currently running into issues where my live feeds are not working on my system and my motion activation is not working on my cameras always when I am not home. I tried connection my sync module device to a different WiFi network last night but all my cameras all show a very low connection to the WiFi network. My outdoor cameras all are XT models and I have 2 indoor cameras. My sync module device is not blocked by anything and is fairly close to most of my cameras as my house is not huge or anything. My cameras have worked just fine until just recently so I have no idea what would be causing this issue. Any help to fix this issue would be greatly appreciated.

Dave Minnick

Two of my blink cameras are black & white in the day time the third camera is color .Is it in one of the settings to change it to color?please help thanks.

My live view is not functioning properly “ Liveview failed “ , please help !