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I bought and installed blink cameras around my house as crime is escalating due to laws getting softer on crime. One very important detail about the blink system is that there is no date and time stamp on video. Please add that feature asap!!! Very important. Otherwise recording a crime on/in my house is no good in court. This defeats my intended reason for buying the blink. You guys even advertise as home video security. This feature is crucial!!

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I’d like to promote one of my multiple cameras to be the primary unit for motion detection and designate one or two others as secondary to the primary. This configuration option would allow other cameras positioned at different locations or field of view to start recording when the primary camera sensed movement insuring full coverage of an area while reducing false positives from cameras positioned in trees or futher away from the area being monitored while allowing a user to capture images of intruders coming and departing or otherwise lurking around the area being monitored.