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My cameras are still missing half the activities they should be catching.
Yes I’m online (nothing else has an issue w/my internet) the cameras are all on & updated & synced Batteries are all fine, blue light is on along with everything else that should be. I have updated the app & everything else I’ve been told to do. But still only records some of the time? For instance yesterday’s recordings at my front door recorded me taking the dog in & out several times through out the day. But when I got home from work FedEx had delivered to my front door. My landscapers came & they go right to the door with the leaf blowers And also my mailman put something inside my front door. These all happened at different times during the day Yet none of it was captured?? I’m growing more & more disappointed with Blink And I hear nothing but good things about Ring If they are both owned by Amazon they should both be equally as good. Or get rid of Blink all together & just have Ring if it’s the superior product :frowning:

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When I first purchased my xt2 I waited about 10-15 seconds for a phone notification, so I changed my settings to
RTT 15secs
Sensitivity 7
Clip 10secs
Now my notifications are coming over a minute later, sometimes 2 or 3 minutes
Camera to WiFi 2/3 bars
Camera to Sync 3/3 bars
Any ideas how to improve this would be most welcome.

I recently bought a couple of cameras and installed them. App is on my android tablet. Seems to work well. May also need to upgrade my internet speed but that’s okay.

Q: can I also get email notifications when activity is detected, on my older phone that doesn’t have the blink app on it?


Are there any changes to the sound issue with IOS? The only way I can raise the notification volume is by raising the volume on my phone. When my phone rings or sends any notification it’s on blast.