Ability to view Blink on computer

Not sure who you talked to, but I can view my Ring on my Windows 10 computer. I know, not a Chromebook but still a computer. I do agree though, Blink does need to make themselves available on computers.

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I can sit very comfortably at my Chromebook screen and do the basics of living, and not have to go find the stylus so I can dial a phone number on a smart-toy. I can Google voice w/ video (for free), print, cloud, Google TV, …BUT I CAN’T CHECK MY SECURITY CAMERAS THAT WORK ON ANDROID which is the same as my Chromebook. WHY? – Windows has gotten too big and cumbersome, and iOS will never let people leave once they’re in the club. This “SMARTphone” generation is forcing their technology down people’s throats, just like the cable TV did to us! “Let my people GO-ogle!”

BlueStacks works well on my Windows 7 PC. I downloaded the app, which simulates a cell phone and I can view all my cameras on my 32 inch screen. At first you see exactly what your cell phone displays, but when you run a camera, the picture opens up to full screen. Quite a difference to the small phone screen!

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Currently only works on Windows 10.

Didn’t realize there was another open source blink dashboard app before I created mine: Yet Another Blink Dashboard App

Tested on Ubuntu and Win10, but ought to work on other Windows versions. Since it’s Python based, it’s relatively easy to get running in most OSs.

100% Agree it is needed badly.

Agree 100% that we should be able to view on laptop! I am ashamed to admit I didn’t even research this as it was unthinkable to me that a security camera system wouldn’t have computer access. I would buy a lot more of these cameras if it they had the ability to view live on my computer and/or online.

This forum is intended to discuss and offer up new ideas, people should stick to the intent and quit bashing the product for features that are not advertised. We get it, no view on a computer, people offered alternative solutions, the developers have the request, move on.

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Blink products are part of Alexa, it would be great to be able to view the blink camera on your Alexa Echo Show, since it is supose to be a security device.


Great idea, amust

I have the same problem: I own a flip phone only and use my home PC for literally everything. I saw a Blink App @ “appzforpc.com” that is supposed to allow you to use your home PC, but I don’t want to buy the Blink camera system first, only to find out that it won’t work.
Software to allow windows is definitely needed, because there are many older folks who don’t have an Iphone or compatible like me, who need to be able to view the cams on their home PC.

One of the key differences between BLINK and RING. RING archives all your videos online and gives you full management functionality on your PC.

Amazon bought Blink for about 90 million
Amazon bought Ring for about 1 billion

Guess who is the cash cow for Amazon. Ring products are more expensive and justify having more features. I still think Blink is being kept stupid simple low frills on purpose. Can’t mess up the cash cow now can we.

If it was just product vs product, there wouldn’t be much weight to that argument, since if Blink did well at the expense of Ring, the net cash flow would be more or less the same, even if Blink is a little cheaper. However, Ring is a subscription service, and every customer that jumps from one to the other, is a lost subscription, and that is on going revenue, of who knows what size, before an individual jumps ship elsewhere. Last thing they’d want to do is lose sales from a subscription service to a non subscription service.

If Blink switches to all subscription, for new customers, then I think you will see a change in how they support the customer, including the release of the odd nice new feature here and there.

Or they see customers start jumping to Wyze giving Amazon $0 dollars cash money.

More and more people are not wanting to pay to save footage.

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iPhone Screen mirroring works perfectly for huge video review. You can alway take photo of that and send it to anyone when needed. Yes!! Blink/Amazon need to create ability to log into our accounts online to view larger and mange that way when we are not mobile.

Part 2: The developers, if they in fact review these threads, please consider to add access to other recordings when in the horizontal (landscape) view on your phone. As it stands you have to turn back vertically (portrait) to access others especially if you have more than 3 or 4 the arrows are a pain.

I view on my Win10 laptop. Download Bluestacks and then the app Blink app from Playstore. The only thing I can’t find to do is delete clips.

Well, while it’s always dangerous to make assumptions, this seems like quite a reasonable one. Seems like an obvious capability that should be “basic”. Is it really the case that this product can ONLY be used from an Android or iOS device? Wow, that’s pretty lame.

There does seem to be a desktop application, at least for Mac. I just tried to install it and get “Unidentified developer” error. Yes, I know there’s a way around that, but again - how lame. The developers couldn’t get a key from Apple? Sheesh, that’s what I’d expect from some free open source products, not something I paid good money for.