Ability to view Blink on computer

Maybe DPChristman SuperUser or others can help me:

When I download Nox, it puts it on the D:\Programs drive, then when I try to upgrade to Android 7 Nougat, it says I’m out of disk space. Then I uninstalled Nox, forced download to the C:\Programs where there’s plenty of empty disk, but Blink won’t work 'cuz standard NOX is Android 4.4, too old. Then when I try to add the Android 7 emulator in NOX at MultiPlayerManager.exe (per How to upgrade NoxPlayer to Android 7 Nougat - Appuals.com), I get an error message “Internet connection Error. Please try again later”. I’ve tried numerous times today, with the same result.

What am I doing wrong (am a novice)? Thanks for any help. DougC

Yes, you have to watch for that installation directory, if you have a drive D, for whatever reason, and the special install options dialogue is small and difficult to see, but yes, if you click it you get the choice to change the D to a C. Did you change anything else other than just the D to a C?

Also, are you struggling with internet access when trying to get the 7 beta download, in the multi instance manager, or somewhere else, later or sooner?

As a matter of interest, as pointed out to me by someone else in here, there is a version 5 in the list, at least now, which is not Beta, so that may be a better choice for, if and when, you solve the internet issue. There are a couple of small issues that are nothing more than irritations in the 7 Beta, which are not evident in 5.

Anyway, I did not suffer from a lack of internet connectivity in the multi instance manager, having changed the installation directory to C drive.

I installed Blue Stacks on my PC and got the Blink APP. It is slower than using my Android phone but it does function. The advantage, for me, is the PC version is a much larger picture. Now, if they could clear up the fuzzy IR picture and give us the ability to save video/snapshot directly to the PC or phone I’d be perfectly happy with the system.

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I installed nox on my Mac Pro but how do I connect my cameras to it?

When I bought the Blink at Best Buy I was told it was viewable from a desktop. Obviously they were wrong. I’ll be returning it.

gigipat215 See this thread BHM app not compatible on NOX for MAC about Blink on Mac.

Go the the Android store and search for the app.

I too, would like to use my Chromebook for Blink. I have seriously considered four other security camera options and written to each of them that I wanted another option other than being tied to a cell phone that did all my thinking for me. THEY ALL responded to me as if I was crazy, and that they were right, PROUDLY saying that their “APP” was only for smartphones, and that I was the one who had to change my desire to suit their technology. I just don’t like a technology that gets shoved down my throat! PLEASE BLINK, MAKE AN “APP” THAT GIVES A CHOICE!

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Not sure who you talked to, but I can view my Ring on my Windows 10 computer. I know, not a Chromebook but still a computer. I do agree though, Blink does need to make themselves available on computers.

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I can sit very comfortably at my Chromebook screen and do the basics of living, and not have to go find the stylus so I can dial a phone number on a smart-toy. I can Google voice w/ video (for free), print, cloud, Google TV, …BUT I CAN’T CHECK MY SECURITY CAMERAS THAT WORK ON ANDROID which is the same as my Chromebook. WHY? – Windows has gotten too big and cumbersome, and iOS will never let people leave once they’re in the club. This “SMARTphone” generation is forcing their technology down people’s throats, just like the cable TV did to us! “Let my people GO-ogle!”

BlueStacks works well on my Windows 7 PC. I downloaded the app, which simulates a cell phone and I can view all my cameras on my 32 inch screen. At first you see exactly what your cell phone displays, but when you run a camera, the picture opens up to full screen. Quite a difference to the small phone screen!

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Currently only works on Windows 10.

Didn’t realize there was another open source blink dashboard app before I created mine: Yet Another Blink Dashboard App

Tested on Ubuntu and Win10, but ought to work on other Windows versions. Since it’s Python based, it’s relatively easy to get running in most OSs.

100% Agree it is needed badly.

Agree 100% that we should be able to view on laptop! I am ashamed to admit I didn’t even research this as it was unthinkable to me that a security camera system wouldn’t have computer access. I would buy a lot more of these cameras if it they had the ability to view live on my computer and/or online.

This forum is intended to discuss and offer up new ideas, people should stick to the intent and quit bashing the product for features that are not advertised. We get it, no view on a computer, people offered alternative solutions, the developers have the request, move on.

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Blink products are part of Alexa, it would be great to be able to view the blink camera on your Alexa Echo Show, since it is supose to be a security device.


Great idea, amust

I have the same problem: I own a flip phone only and use my home PC for literally everything. I saw a Blink App @ “appzforpc.com” that is supposed to allow you to use your home PC, but I don’t want to buy the Blink camera system first, only to find out that it won’t work.
Software to allow windows is definitely needed, because there are many older folks who don’t have an Iphone or compatible like me, who need to be able to view the cams on their home PC.