Ability to monitor the cameras on a PC and/or MAC

I am currently using BlueStacks to run Android on PC. It works quite well, allowing to view clips and notifications. A little playing around with BlueStacks to get to the Google Play store to download the Blink for home app., but it works great once it’s installed.

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I had a problem with Bluestacks, but Nox works for me

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Leapdroid works for me. Granted, the Android version is not current, but it is easy to install and use.

You realize that this is all just “work arounds” around the issue that the company “Blink” should address. Having only a phone app as the only means to view the clips is VERY limiting.


I have a number of Kindles and when I’m sitting at my computer I place an 8in Kindle in a stand and run the Android program on it.

Hope that gives an idea to somebody out there using a Kindle and needs their phone to be free.

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How did you download the app. In Nox playstore says appis not compatible.

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Not sure if your question is specific for Kindle.

See this thread for my experience on Mac computers.

yes you can install emulators (I have one installed on an old personal PC), but my work computer has a lot of strict settings and blocks a lot of sites that contain the links to download emulators so a web site would be sooooo much easier for me (and I’m sure lots of other people who want to view cameras while sitting in front of their work computers)

I concur. For an amazon company, they really need to do a better job with PC/Mac support.

hey @Blink email me if you need someone else to write the app for you. You could use electron and it would be compatible across all major operating systems.

What are the names of any of these emulators? Can’t seem to find one when I search that on the app store.

its now 2 years after the first request was filed for this features. Its a shame that such an expensive device cannot even be controlled via a PC/MAC. Please at least make a web based solution available. The workarounds given with simulators are even more ridiculous


I agree that it would be great to see a real web or PC based solution, but I disagree that the emulators are a ridiculous workaround. They are not official Blink workarounds, you won’t hear anything from Blink about this, and these are nothing more than suggestions from other users.

If you want it on your PC badly enough, then an emulator such as MEmu works perfectly.

What is it about running an Android emulation on your PC that is “ridiculous” if it does the trick? In the absence of an official solution I was forced to investigate such solutions, and thanks to people posting such things in this forum, I eventually came across MEmu, and honestly I can’t fault it. Low PC overhead, and just like that you have the Blink app on your PC. What more could you want, in the absence of the real deal?

Thats nothing against people coming uo with proposal. its “ridiculous” from that company forcing Users in such “workarounds”. The app quality is just medium, the PC/Mac client not available that’s below what I would expect from stuff I can by for 10 bucks at Ali.


I can’t help wondering what the real reason is they don’t have a webpage to monitor the blink cameras. It can’t be that they haven’t gotten around to it since people have been requesting it for years. It’s an obvious no-brainer for them if they want to give the customer what they want. It’s not all that difficult to do since they are already streaming video to mobile devices. Do they just want to annoy their customers for the fun of it? I can’t think of another reason.


You’re right. They’re doing it purely to annoy us. Looks like the master plan has been successful so far…

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Blink is one of the LOWEST priced solutions for home monitoring. With low price comes the lack of features/benefits. Something nicer better with ability to monitor on a PC/MAC computer is out there and Amazon owns it and sells it. It’s called Ring. But you, myself, and millions of others didn’t buy Ring because Blink had a lower price and no monthly fees.

Realize also Blink’s patents, licensing rights, blessings from FCC and equivalent in other countries is setup, payed for, and marketed without PC/MAC support. So while programming bits and bytes to support computer use is easy and just programming, all those other things I just mentioned are a pain in the arse to change. It’s expensive to change also. Who is going to pay for those changes? Sure as heck not Blink customers.

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How would I install the Blink XT2 with a software that is compatible with my iMac and MacBook Pro?

PLS elaborate: I installed it. It required me to add a new account for the “new mobile device”.
BUT that’s nothing…-Whenever I try and ad a system using a manual S/N, it stops working.
-If you’ve had the problem and worked around it - I’ll be grateful for the help.

Also, it says that it needs the Intel virtualization, to work better, but when I turned it on as instructed, it stopped completely. When I turned it off, it started working again, but complaining that it needs it…

I used it on an account I already configured on my Android phone. I didn’t try setting up an account with the Bluestacks emulator.
As far as the Intel virtualization message, I would make sure you are running the latest BIOS.

I agree that Blink is a very cost effective method for camera monitoring. It does well for what it costs. I also believe a web based interface to access your cameras would be a reason for me to buy multiple cameras instead of buying one for now and ultimately buying something else with more flexibility. It’s a shame this has not been addressed since it was first brought up.

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