A Roku app. Please, please, please!

I would LOVE for a way to be able to see live feeds on my TV (1st) and be able to view the clips from the cloud (2nd) right on my TV, just like in the mobile app. Roku is a great platform for this. I know this is a big ask, but a Roku app would be such an amazing advantage of this system.

I’ve briefly looked at the extremely convoluted and limited solution of using the Alexa app (yuck) and Amazon Fire stick (double yuck), but even then it requires you to use voice commands (please, God, no) and can only show you live feeds anyway, and only by saying the name of the camera. Just yucky.

And no, I do not want to “cast” a video or app from my phone or computer to my TV. That’s also a crappy way to implement security cameras -> TV, and I would never use that feature even if my phone allowed it (it doesn’t).

If I could see a list of all of my cameras on my TV by using my remote and select one for a live feed, that would make this one of the best-value camera systems available anywhere.

What you are doing is trying to turn an entry level entry priced home monitoring system into a multi camera live view traditional security system. Everyone want the bigger better security system as they quickly outgrow what Blink can do.

To get you part way there, look into Android TV boxes. Get one of the nicer higher end ones. I am using the Blink mobile app on my non smart flat screen television via using an Android TV box. Whatever I can do on the mobile app to watch video clips, I can also do on the television. Although I didn’t try it, the snapshot icon and live view icon should work also.

Roku is cut the cord for rookies. Step up and get an Android TV box!