A question for the founders

Why are you trying to cover up the fact that you asked the FCC to kill the application for the Blink video doorbell? You delete all links on this forum to the letter you wrote the FCC stating the doorbell was dead.

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People posted the same thing in several threads, but here are a few that I just found (i.e. they haven’t been deleted). Were there other specific threads you were referring to?

In the first thread you linked a post showing the letter was deleted. It even has a reference to the deletion in the thread. The second one has not been deleted yet, which is good. It is odd that they deleted some references at all. Just wondering why. It concerns me to the future of Blink. I really do not want to have to Shell out the $$ to switch systems. I bet on Blink and am starting to feel like a chump.

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I don’t think any posts in that thread were deleted.

Someone made a joke about posts being deleted in that thread, though. The same person who posted a link to the same dismissal letter in another thread (which I linked to above, and has not been deleted).

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They completely took off the Blink video doorbell of their website, where it said “coming soon” before it now just shows a "New Products* screen which seems to imply the Blink doorbell has been killed off.
Customers have been waiting almost a year off without no new updates, so they decided to cancel it, we’ll see how this goes, but they are gonna lose many consumers after this, since the doorbell was bringing a lot of new people to their company including me. Oh well.

Website Page they changed where the doorbell was being showcased:


Sure that’s possible, but anything is possible when one is speculating without any real info on which to base one’s assertions.

The OP’s assertion that Blink is deleting user posts in this forum in order to avoid negative publicity over this, appears to be totally baseless.

My post asking for clarification related with the dismissal in FCC was deleted by admins, other users that commented the post right before being deleted can confirm this. When some other users began to share the same link admins gave up deleting.

That’s interesting. When I asked OP for clarification since it appeared as though links to the FCC letter remained in several posts, he stopped responding to me.

Your post with a link to the dismissal letter is still there, for example (it’s the 2nd link in my post above).

Yes, that’s a reply to a later post. I mean I created a post on 20 Sept called something like “Blink Video Doorbell Cover Letter Requesting Dismissal” just requesting some more info in the following link:


This link was removed alongside the 2 or 3 comments it contained.

I stopped responding to you because I do not owe you a response. My question is for Blink management and as you have learned is perfectly valid. Blink owes us the response.

So far every time Blink has been asked about the video doorbell they have been illusive. There is no evidence from blink that such a device will ever be made. All they said is they are working on an evolved product. NOT an evolved doorbell. However evidence exisit that the doorbell is dead: the wording in the FCC letter, the removal of all reference to a doorbell from the website, the evasive use of the term evolved product. That is not speculation, that’s investigation. We can only go by what Blink gives us.

Just so we are clear I bought into the Blink eco system BECAUSE they said they had a video doorbell that was coming soon. Other cheaper or better camera systems exist that would have met my needs. One of them even recently released a doorbell. I am already planning my switch as it seems Blink is in a downward spiral right now. I really hope they pull up, but it will not be easy.

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This post is not directed at anyone in particular - I just wanted to vent a bit! LOL I don’t understand all the hoopla concerning a doorbell. I understand that some bought Blink on the promise of a doorbell release “soon”. I understand being disappointed, frustrated and perhaps angry that it hasn’t happened. But hey, “stuff” happens in the world of electronics manufacturing and development. It sure did here. I needed a doorbell so I bought a Ring Pro. Very satisfied and no problem using 2 apps.
As far as Blink’s transparency goes I think they have been pretty open. They sent letters, pulled the doorbell from the product line answered most of the posts in this forum, and left the FCC letter up. My guess is that they aren’t giving out more info because Amazon won’t let them. Blink reps have stated that Amazon will not allow them to release timetables.
If the cams are working good for you, why trash them and buy all new? Just buy a doorbell. Lots cheaper!
OK, let me have it! LOL


Lets accept it, Amazon is not investing in Blink anymore. It is on life support at this point, now we just hsve to hope they will keep servers running for another 2-3 years.

Yes, either keep the servers up for a few years, but also do right by the blink customers and if Blink does go down offer up a reasonable migration plan for Blink customers over to Ring. Either offer Blink customers some credits toward Ring or quite simply just have Blink equipment operate with the Ring servers, app, etc util the Blink equipment eventually phases out over the next years. Honestly one of the main reason I bought Blink is the ability to run on batteries AND plugged in. If some gremlin unplugs my Blink camera, then my batteries kick in and I am not in the dark. Ring tech support told me directly on the phone that none of their cameras do that. With Ring (according to their tech support) it is either battery OR plug, not both.

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All sensible suggestions! I agree completely, but I wouldn’t count Blink out just yet.

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I’ve been a Blink customer for about two years now and choose blink for its cost and easy set up. I was excited when they said earlier this year they would bring a doorbell video cam into their line up and then when I too clicked the link I had saved for their site showing coming soon and the doorbell had disappeared I was disappointed. I did my research and learned that Amazon just purchased Ring! Now knowing that it makes sense why would they waste money developing a doorbell video cam for a system that is no longer in competition with Ring. Amazon owns both Blink and Ring. I will still be using Blink but I’m integrating Ring into my home along with Blink for now since I need the two way communication that the doorbell offers. It’s unfortunate but who knows maybe they will release it later but the likelihood seems bleak since it has been removed from the website completely as a coming soon product.

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