A Personal Story About Blink

Hey Everyone,

I wanted to share a personal story of how Blink has influenced my life, particularly because it is relevant at the present moment…

Last Summer (when I started working for Blink) my then 85 year old grandpa decided he wanted to upgrade from his ancient flip phone to a basic smart phone so he could view the Blink cameras I installed in my grandparent’s house. I had initially installed a few indoor cameras throughout the main living areas of the house so I could occasionally check in on them while I was at school and ensure that if I couldn’t reach them it wasn’t because of a fall or some other accident.

Fast forward to about a month ago and my grandpa fell and suffered a compression fracture in his back when I wasn’t there. Because I had my Blink cameras installed, including an XT at the front door, I was able to monitor everything that was happening after I found out that he fell and ensure he was taken to the hospital with my grandma. Although my Grandma was there to help him, it definitely gave me some peace of mind to be able to monitor the situation and make sure everything was going ok.

Following his fall, my grandpa has been in the hospital and in rehab for about a month so he could recover his strength and gain the ability to walk again. While he has been there I made sure he had access to his smartphone the whole time because I know how much it meant to him to be able to check on my Grandma while she was at home alone and be able to see her when they couldn’t be together (they’ve been married for 65 years). Although we make sure to visit him and call him as much as we can, I occasionally see the blue light of our indoor cameras pop on and know he is checking in to make sure everyone is doing well and that my grandma is safe. :grin:


Awesome story. I hope your Grandpa makes a quick and full recovery.

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Great story! Thanks for sharing. Wishing your grandpa a speedy recovery.

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Aww, what a sweet story!

I’ve fallen and I can’t get up…Remember this commercial?

I’m betting a multi room/camera Blink system overall cost in one year is less expensive than these medical device alert/alarm systems. Blink has more value also!


This is an amazing story

Love your story. I’m researching alternatives to watch over my mother from afar - we don’t live in the same city. What do you think of me putting in cameras to watch over her? Trying to figure out how to have “eyes” on her, without invading her privacy. I was thinking maybe a combination of a camera and a life alert type system, she can have on her to offer protection in her bedroom and bathroom… thoughts?

Last year I worked with a monitoring company that installs various kinds of sensors and remote monitoring for disabled/handicapped. https://www.simply-home.com/

There is also a market for seniors. Google smart home for seniors. LOTS of options.

Thanks Joel! Appreciate the response.

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