A little time-lapse unconventional use

My 13 year old son is working on a science project for his 8th grade honors science class. He’s building a mechanical claw. The video is not part of the project, but I thought it would be nice for him to be able to show his teacher that he did the work himself with minimal parent help. So, I set one of my Blink XT’s out in the garage. As the clips came in, I would save them to my phone. I did use a few pictures and videos from my iPhone inserted in. The majority of the video clips are from the Blink XT. I used iMovie to speed up the video. The music is my son playing his Euphonium. He’s not done with the project, so there’s more audio (music) than there are video clips. It’s the first time for my son to use these tools. Blink XT video starts around 24 seconds in.


That is soo cool @livingtx! Did you maximize clip length and minimize re-trigger time to do this?

Yes, I did maximum the clip length and minimize the re-trigger time. At first, I still had the “end clip early if motion stops” turned on. However, I determined that for this project, it was better for me to have it record the full minute every time.

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