A feature like Scheduled Arm

I wish there is a feature in which we can schedule a Specific armed time/date.
If it’s already there, please help me to find it.
I want the backyard camera to be armed only during the night, instead of sending hundreds of messages when my kids and dog are randomly outside.

Also for the notifications, I like sound alert but don’t want vibrations. Can I turn off this vibration for the notifications?

Yes, schedule arm/disarm, per sync module, is available in the app.

If you’re on Android, vibration can be turned off. Can’t speak for iOS.


Thank you. Do you know if this let me schedule different time-set on each camera?

It will not, and it is a much requested feature. The only way to achieve that, is to give each camera a sync module of its own. Thereby allowing you to schedule each sync module, which only has a single camera attached to it.

Often people manage with two. For example to split indoor and outdoor cameras, or front and back cameras, thus doing them in a couple of batches.

I agree this is a popular and much needed request to be integrated into the app

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