A Discussion About the Future of Blink

I personalized my frustrations on the person the company put forward to interact with me. If that same person is not capable of communication with said company or the company doesn’t care enough about him or us to listen, then he is a device as far as the company is concerned.
I’m to old to mince words. Every CEO or share holder looks at every employee as an asset and a tool. Hell even the White House has a mouthpiece. Blink has a good product and a crap customer interaction policy. If they are just going to treat people like that then it would be better to shut down the illusion of 2 way communication. Better to be in the dark and surprised with new products than to feel decieved by the company.
It is just getting to me that so many people on here are defending Blink instead of Blink stepping up and acknowledging or fixing the problem. I have seen screen shots on here of the original Kickstarter where features are promised that Blink has not mentioned let alone delivered. How is that defendable?

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I would hope that with age comes the wisdom to recognize that taking your frustrations out on an individual customer support representative, however legitimate the frustrations are, is still disrespectful to that person. And frankly not that productive anyway, IMO.


Well if Nick_at_Blink is still looking at this thread I would like him to know my disappointment in the lack of progress in bringing anything new to blink. One of the main reasons I went with this system was the promise of a video doorbell announced now 9 months ago. I have very low confidence that this product will ever come to market. Yes I know technically Blink has about 90 days or so but the lack of news leads me to believe Blink Camaras (the Blink Company) will just disappear over the next 12-18 months. I hope I am wrong. Nick if you are here please give speak up and give us an update…

I think at this point, it is clear that Amazon will kill Blink brand probably with in a year or so if not sooner. There has been zero progress since Amazon purchase, the doorbell still doesn’t exist, the app didn’t see any updates for a long time. Smartthings decision was a disaster, hopefully I found a workaround that works as before.

What sucks is that this silence is probably causing people like me to not buy additional cameras because I am not even sure if the infrastructure will be around in the next year.

Hey All, Well this was quite the discussion. Not that it really changes anything, but yes @MrMike.me, I am a “regular” Blink employee, I am in the same physical area as the rest of the Blink team (Andover, MA), yes I only share what I am allowed to share (if I didn’t, I probably wouldn’t still be here), and yes I do speculate because I have my own thoughts and opinions on Blink regardless of what is in development at the moment or not.

Sometimes I know about products and features that are in development that I can’t discuss, and other times I am just speculating that a feature could be worked on in the near future. To the disappoint of some, we cannot share our future road map, just like the entirety of Amazon.

I certainly never want our customers to be disappointed in our product or company, but unfortunately, that will be the case sometimes. We won’'t always be able to develop all of the features and products that everybody wants or develop them as fast as our customers want, but that absolutely does not mean we aren’t listening. I am being 100% genuine when I say that everyone who works at Blink knows about the Community and knows what our customers want; remember, just over a year ago, the Community didn’t even exist. I have said this before, that although we haven’t released many updates recently, that does not mean we are going away. Sometimes projects start and we evaluate them and decide they need to be changed, or altered in some way, and other times a project just doesn’t end up meeting our expectations. But we are working on improving Blink for all of you and certainly listen to everyone’s feedback even though we can’t always deliver a feature that has been requested for a while.


Glad to hear you are still around!!
One question for you What Blink product or features have been updated in the last 12 months? I looked and just cannot find anything…Please if I am wrong let me know. This is very atypical for a young tech company more so for a company with ties directly to amazon. In this case I really do look forward to being wrong and seeing new products from Blink soon.

Hi @foodyt,

Some updates we’ve had…

  • dedicated IPad app
  • contacting technical support directly through our mobile app
  • echo show/spot integration
  • 1080p video quality for the XT
  • Released XT colored covers
  • Panic Siren (didn’t meet our expectations)
  • “Blink Blue” Redesign


“(didn’t meet our expectations)”

Seems to be happening a lot.

It’s possible that the community has something to do with those expectations? They hear us but can’t match it, then back to the drawing board…it’s possible…maybe?

Good list, but what about app usability improvements? I’m still so frustrated that I can’t sort cameras in the app. Every time I add a new camera that I want in a particular order I need to remove and add cameras in the order I want them.

Pretty sure the Ipad app was more like 18 months ago the only thing that was released in the last year to improve revenue was colored covers? If you are keeping track of customer feedback please mark me as disappointed.
Just a word of advice to Nick and the people at Blink. No news is bad news in today’s world of hyper connectivity if folks are left to draw their own conclusions most will figure the worst. As an example I think amazon bought blink to use their tech in other gadgets and amazon has little or no interest in the current product. I came to that opinion mostly based on the lack of news and new products.

Don’t dismiss those coloured covers as a revenue stream :grinning:

Here in UK - Immedia Semiconductor (Blink) are selling 3 coloured covers for £24.99 or approx. $32.50

And some people are unhappy with the price and others the claimed misleading description.

Amazon UK Link

I purchased the Blink system because it was a simple, easy “home monitoring” system. Because I have a slow DSL internet averaging 1.8 mbps upload, the system only is used for monitoring our dog in both the yard and in the home on an iPad when within the home’s wifi range. When and if high speed internet becomes available in my neighborhood, the motion sensors will be turned on for all 4 of my XT cams for monitoring when away from home. The one feature I would want most is to have the Blink app available on the Mac OS.

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FYI, even while you are at home and your iPad is connected to the same WiFi network as your Blink sync module and cameras, the video is uploaded to the cloud first and then streamed to your iPad with the Blink app.

So you should consider using your system while away from home, the upload speed of your DSL connection shouldn’t have any more of an effect on your experience than it’s already having.

@marktheknife, Thank you for the info! Obviously, I’m ignorant of how the Blink system operates in that I thought if the motion sensors were disarmed, the camera image signals were restricted to within my home’s wifi network. Is it correct to assume that only motion activated video is stored in the cloud since video that I initiate from my iPad does not appear in cloud storage?

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Live view video is not recorded. It’s just that live view.

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Estpaul, Thank you for the clarification!

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Indeed, no news is bad news. Blink reminds me so much of Wink - Wink didn’t listen to their customers, refused to release updates, roadmaps, etc, and is now so far behind that it is basically dead. Many of us told Wink the exact same thing we’re now telling Blink - refusal to generate excitement in your community will kill you. At this stage, I have to assume Blink is going to be killed off and/or rolled into Ring.

No offense to Nick, but his list of “updates” contains many which aren’t very recent and even more importantly, are of little importance (really? Blink Blue is an update worth mentioning?!?!?!) The doorbell being killed off (oh wait, I’m sorry - “reimagined”) confirmed what most of us already knew and predicted. It’s sad, but you can’t go multiple years without meaningful product introductions and then when you actually do introduce them, take months and months to release them. We hoped the acquisition by Amazon would infuse capital into Blink and start them on a roll, but if anything, the opposite seems to have happened.


One of the more reasoned and sane posts on this subject - without the histrionics. Well done!


IMHO: Amazon purchased BLINK for it’s patent portfolio and is now treating it as the classic “CASH COW”. So sorry, (especially considering my equipment investment) but I predict that it will be gone in a year or two :frowning:

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