7200 seconds free storage after Dec. 31, 2020?

With the new mini, Indoor, Outdoor cameras and new sync module 2, changes are coming regarding local and cloud storage. Will my old XT2 cameras and sync module 1 system still keep its 7200 seconds of free cloud storage after Dec. 31, 2020? I hope so, I just bought/installed it five weeks ago before I noticed the next gens are coming out.

No you will then have to pay for the subscription service. It stays free if you setup your account before sometime in April I believe.

Amazon is still advertising XT2 cameras, to buy now, with free cloud storage. No caveats. Other cameras, I couldn’t say, mini etc, but XT2 is currently free, and will remain so, for those already purchased.

“* Cloud storage - Keep hundreds of clips stored up to a year with no additional monthly fees or service contract required.”

Can’t include that on your sales portal, and then take it away after you buy it.

Could it change tomorrow, of course, but all those that purchased whilst it said the above, will keep the storage, or they will be on a very sticky wicket indeed.

I asked my same question on Amazon. A Blink rep. said the 7200 free seconds of cloud storage will still be there in 2021 for XT and XT2 cameras. I assume the cut off date April 15, 2020 has to do with the mini camera. Those who had an account before April 15 , 2020 will have free cloud storage for the mini, those joining after, no? I hope she’s right. Maybe prior to April 15 customers will also get free 7200 seconds storage on the new Indoor and Outdoor cameras?


Go to mobile app
Choose what’s new
Read up on details about storage choices. It also details info on what’s free cloud storage.

It’s amazing how confusing Blilnk and Amazon have made this issue related to free cloud storage for Blink XT2 cameras!! I spent a good amount of time yesterday with several Amazon reps who eventually asked me to call Blink because they at Amazon didn’t know the answer to my question. I couldn’t get through to Blink and left a voice mail with my phone number. No response yet. : Will the XT2 camera system I bought last week to give to a relative still have for her, a new account, the free cloud storage that the listing specifies and is displayed on the packaging? [Blink XT2 Outdoor/Indoor Smart Security Camera with cloud storage included, 2-way audio, 2-year battery life – 3 camera kit. It very clearly says ON THE LISTING TITLE and in the description “with cloud storage included,” just as it always has. But I want to return this 3 camera set if the recipient is going to have to pay for cloud storage. (I HAVE NOT AND NEVER WILL PURCHASE THE NEW MINI, SO THAT IS NOT A FACTOR IN THIS CASE.) If I posted the chat transcript here, and the several email responses from Amazon reps, you would be astounded at the lack of clarity and contradictions in the messages! Grrrrrr

ok guys, i share your frustration about the lack of clarity about whether or not a blinkxt2 system purchased after april will indefinitely have free cloud storage. Well, here is a link I found on an amazon page, so the answer better be YES. Click the link and scroll down to the table that says Blink Video Storage Policy ( also i’m new to this so someone please respond so i know i’m not talking to the wind ) https://www.amazon.com/b?ie=UTF8&node=21154643011

Thank you. Your link was very helpful. I, too, am unexperienced with ??? whatever this is called! LOL
If you get this response, it means with both did it correctly. :slight_smile:

Some more on this. Blink support…after some back and forths emailed me saying:

"I apologize on behalf of the previous agent who handled this ticket for the misinformation.

For the XT2 cameras with sync module 1, the cloud storage will remain free no matter when the purchase date."

Well…looks good but who knows…

Hi, I’m UK based (if that makes a difference?) and have just bought the XT2 system with the Sync Module 2 - it has a USB port for external storage.

I cant determine if it has free cloud storage forever (as stated on the Amazon listing and packaging) or if it doesnt.

Anyone know what you get with the new XT2/Sync 2 module…? If it requires a subscription after March 2021 (which does seem to be a UK/EU specific date) then its getting returned.

In all the information I have been able to find it is clear that the XT2 gets free ongoing cloud storage. Don’t know how you got a sync module 2, they aren’t shipping them, or meant to be in the UK, but it doesn’t matter, the XT2 is compatible with the SM2. What will not work is the option to use local storage. That is only available when using it with one of the subscription cameras.

Just set it up, use it, and see if it’s free, as it should be. It will not affect your rights to return it within the 30 day no quibble Amazon return window.

If ever I do anything like this, I’m just super careful with the packaging, and make sure I can pack it back up, just as it arrived.

Thanks for the reply.

I only assumed it was a Sync 2 module because it has a USB port. Does the Sync 1 module have a USB port too…?

I do have a couple of Blink Mini cameras, but even when I put a USB stick in the Sync module I dont get any option to save video locally, so maybe I dont have the Sync 2 module.

I’ve emailed Blink to see if I can get an answer on the subscription situation. With the Mini, I get free cloud storage up to March 2021. Problem is, if after that date I have to buy a subscription for all the XT2 and Minis it’ll be too late to return the devices. So I’d like a definitive answer, so hope the Blink support guys can help.

Yes, SM1 has a USB port, serving only as a power port.

Judging by the threads going on at the moment, do not be surprised if the support agent tells you the wrong thing. It has them all confused too.

Search the forum, and you will find links to a table that makes it crystal clear. The XT2 gets free cloud storage for life, but that free storage cannot be used by any of the newer subscription cameras, unless you already had the account, and registered that equipment, before 15th April 2020.

OK, that explains why I cant get any local storage.

The threads do seem confusing and the table I looked at was still a bit ambiguous for me. Not sure what happens with a mix of Mini and XT2, I guess the XT2 will have free storage (if the tables are correct) and the Mini wont.

My understanding is that the USB local storage isn’t functional yet on the Sync Module2 - that’s why they’re giving everyone free cloud storage until next year. Once they have it working, and have a subscription plan in place (there isn’t one for Canada yet) the firmware update for local storage functionality will be rolled out.

Where did that come from?

The usb port on sync module 1 does work and there is no intention to make it work.

The new outdoor camera kit comes with sync module 2. The usb flash drive, you the customer have to provide that. Amazon shows this as a working item - local video storage. Again, you have to buy a kit, not just the camera.

Again, maybe this is a Canadian limitation. The info came from a tech support conversation documented by a buyer in a review on Amazon.ca