$30 for Yard Sign/Stickers?

Hi @Tori_At_Blink,

Thanks for that code. I had finally gotten a round to posting the Blink yard sign and stickers on my entry points. And I captured another Dumb delivery guy. Check out my thread on Bad Deliver guys.

Great catch @lmosenko! Hopefully Amazon will take care of this issue for you because that is just downright crazy.

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The funny part my Sunday was perfect. The same company delivered my project parts for SmartThings and placed it gingerly between my storm door and my front door. These people are inconcistent.

Hi, we in the UK are not provided with window stickers; they are not even available to purchase. I feel that the stickers would act as an extra deterrent, however, we do not have that option. I am at a loss to understand why they are not available here!

Hey @Stewartmac1,

I’m sorry those aren’t available yet in the UK! I reached out to our Marketing team, and I will get back to you as soon as possible with any info I receive.

I understand that however if your advertising that you have a system that is dependent on your internet connection, they know that probably disconnecting the cable on the side of the house will probably disarm the system. To me, it’s better if it’s not known and let them set off a loud alarm that will alert me and the neighbors. Chances are they’ll run.

Just went to order a pack of window stickers. The cost was $6.99 but when I got to Checkout; you want $10 to ship a pack of window stickers??? You guys are CRAZY and NO THANK YOU!!!

$8.99 for 3 on Amazon if you have Prime. (So I guess it’s $2.00 shipping there!)


Hi Tori, any chance this code can be re-activated? It’s been 3 months since your post referencing a price drop on the sign for all customers and it is still selling for $30.


Thanks man! Yes, I have Prime and I’ll go looking for them right now. :hugs:

That would be AWESOME!!! :+1::sunglasses:

tedtex posted:

“Why would anyone want to announce to the world what type of security system you have?”

That’s a brilliant question, ted. And it’s one that hasn’t received the answer it deserves in my opinion.

I have no issue with advertising that I have a security system installed in my home. But to advertise the type and make of security system I have makes no sense to me at all. It simply makes it that much easier for a determined burglar to know up front what they need to do to defeat it.

I have Blink cameras and local door/window alarms installed throughout my home. But my yard signs and window stickers are from another security company that does a lot of business in the local area. I’ll let you try to figure out who that other company might be, but their three-letter name starts with first letter of the alphabet and their signs/stickers are instantly recognizable coast-to-coast by good guys and bad guys alike. I’ve lived in my home for over 6 years and during that time, my next door neighbor has been burglarized twice. But I haven’t been hit yet and I doubt I will be.

I also won’t use generic security system signs and stickers. To me, that’s like sending a message to would-be burglars that I’m trying to fake them out and I really don’t have a security system installed at all.

Hi @bld522,

I think you make a very good point regarding the stickers/signs. I definitely think a big factor when deciding whether to display these could be the part of the country/world you live in as well, and it certainly isn’t for everyone. After I read the beginning of your post, I was going to suggest that perhaps it would be better to use a generic security system sign, but I’m not sure I see exactly what you mean about sending the message that you are “trying to fake them out.”

I’m not sure this would be entirely a bad thing, because presumably, if they thought it was a fake-out they would continue to break in and you would have the whole thing on camera. Overall though, I think it is likely impossible to know what a burglar is thinking in any given moment. Having a Blink sign, another company’s sign, or a generic one could elicit a variety of different responses in the individual that is intending to break in, and it may be impossible to really make a general assumption about “all burglars.”

I do agree that displaying a Blink sign COULD make it easier for someone to break in, I think the opposite could be true as well. :thinking:

I’m not sure what the correct answer is, but this would make a very interesting debate.

I’m torn on the issue too. I honestly don’t advertise that I have cameras, but they aren’t necessarily hidden either. I do have an alarm sign in front and in back. I did receive it from my alarm company, but it’s not even their name. I know sometimes, alarm signs can be deterrents. However, a lot of people have the signs and either don’t have or don’t arm their alarm. I really don’t want to advertise that I have security cameras because it will either make burglars think that I have something worth stealing or make them avoid my house in fear of getting caught. It seems a bit of a wash. I want the best opportunity to catch a thief. In the theory that criminals would avoid security cameras, then advertising that I have security cameras would eliminate my chance of catching them. However, in that mind set, my property and family is safe, which is the ultimate goal. I’ve invested quite a bit in my security cameras - not just Blink but wired cameras too. I would rest easier at night knowing the thief was caught vs. still out on the streets. I personally don’t advertise that I have security cameras. I see Blink’s sign being more useful for those who use Blink’s alarm system (not yet released).

Much like panic sirens – I would only use them if me or my family were at home unless my alarm system trips when they enter, I don’t want them to know I’m aware of their presence. This will keep them in my house longer, and give the police a chance to catch them. Stuff can be replaced. Just my personal 2 cents. :slight_smile:

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Alarm signs can definitely be a deterrent and nobody advertises as much as ADT does. I see their signs and stickers everywhere. I figure every burglar and would-be burglar in the country knows who they are and they’ll generally avoid homes where ADT signage is posted. So even though I have no intention of ever installing an ADT security system for reasons that are beyond the scope of this thread, I have no problem using their well-known and widely-recognized logo to my advantage.

Just my opinion, but I think the concern re: notifying burglars which security system you use, thereby giving them information that can be used against you to exploit potential weaknesses, is overblown.

The underlying logic does make sense. But the vast majority of burglaries are not perpetrated by people who have hardcore knowledge of security systems, network engineering, hacking etc.

While certain individuals may be in a situation where they are specifically targeted by a skilled criminal, those people likely know they have a reason to be targeted and hopefully take appropriate precautions.

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Not to mention many localities require some kind of notice when audio / video surveillance is in use. Doesn’t have to say the brand, but the notice may be required, which you would have to pay for anyway. But I agree, $30 is steep. Livewatch gave me two signs free with my system. we long cancelled it, but the signs are still in the yard.

Got mine free with xt camera bundle and qvc purchase. :slight_smile:

I think that this should be addressed. I mean I am now an owner of Blink Security equipment, but I don’t think it’s right to make yard signs $30 bucks. I think the window decals are priced rather fairly, but the yard signs are not.