$30 for Yard Sign/Stickers?

Tying to get customers to pay $30 to promote your product? You’re better than that Blink. One of the main reasons for starting your company was because the other companies out there were charging outrageous amounts for their products. I’m almost tempted to put one of your competitors signs up in my front yard after seeing that on your site. They should come FREE with each 3 and 5 camera bundle. You need to reexamine your marketing dept. and get back to your roots.


Hi @RWL421,

Thank you for the feedback, I will be sure to pass on your comments onto the Blink product team. Additionally, the Blink yard sign is often bundled with other products, like the Blink Freedom Bundle, so stay tuned for other promotions that feature it!

Have a great Fourth of July!

What about the users who purchased bundles, before the signs were available? Currently an add on camera is $75, a yard sign and stickers is $30…:disappointed::anguished:

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Hi @nick_at_blink,

In my opinion, Blink Security signage should be free or at least at a very good discount for existing custommers or like myself and a lot of others whom baqcked your KickStarter. We helped Blink get its roots. And a lot of us support you out their as your unofficial sales reps to the public and other companies like SmartThings. It would go a long way if you could comeup with better markeing and $$ skeem for us.


Why would anyone want to announce to the world what type of security system you have?


The answer to this is simple. Psychology. Burglares will choose an easyer target if they persive a threat.

This is a good article to read:


I do understand your position here, however the cost of the signage is universal across most security companies such as ADT and others of the like. We do appreciate the support of out Kickstarter backers as well as our new customers so I will be sure to bring this to the attention of our team. Please keep an eye out for the bundles Nick had mentioned, however because they do usually include great deals with the signage!


This is correct! Many people believe and have proof that it deters intruders as they know that your house is armed with a security system. Great article!


Can you atleast give the existing Blink users a GOOD Discount code?


This is not a matter that is specifically in my control, but I will be sure our sales team is notified about this and see if we can put this thought into action! I will keep you all updated on the status of this.

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Thank you. Because this is unacceptable:

Update on yard sign cost:

I have spoken to the sales team who has agreed to honor a PROMO for this forum only until next Monday, July 17th. If this code begins to be shared, we will unfortunately have to shut it down so please do not share the code outside of the forum. The PROMO code is FORUM15 that can be entered at checkout and will make the signs half off. This code is one time use per customer for one yard sign. I hope this helps you all purchase the signage you want!

Additionally there are future plans for dropping the price of the signage in a few weeks for all Blink customers so please stay tuned for that!


Just ordered mine. Thanks @Tori_At_Blink.
This will deffinatly help with folks like the guy who rang my doorbell this afternoon, noticed my camera and walked away fast. Funny video. You could literelly see him doing a double take on it.


I’m happy to see Blink staff taking interest and actions on our suggestions.


That’s more like it Blink. Thank you.

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We are here to make the product better for the user, which is you guys. We love being able to give promotions like this that satisfy your needs as well as ours. Some other promotions may take more time to pass through, but as far as this one goes I am glad we got this done for you all today.


Are cameras supposed to come with window stickers? I ordered a 5-pack and sync module and no stickers. I recently ordered two outdoor cameras and both of those came with stickers.


Could you let us know where you ordered the cameras and if they were through a promotion? Also, what dates did you order the different systems? I am going to check in with our sales/shipping teams and inquire about what could be going on here.

Sure. Everything I ordered was from Amazon. I included the full item description in case that was needed…

On 02/01/17, I ordered “Blink Home Security Camera System for Your Smartphone with Motion Detection, HD Video, 2 Year Battery and Cloud Storage Included - 5 Camera Kit” which was sold by “Blink by Immedia” and fulfilled by Amazon. No stickers were included in the package. The cost was $349.00.

On 06/24/17, I ordered “Add on Blink XT Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Camera for Existing Blink Customer Systems” which was sold by Blink by Immedia and fulfilled by Amazon. There was one sticker in the package. The cost was $119.99.

On 06/26/17, I ordered another “Add on Blink XT Indoor/Outdoor Home Security Camera for Existing Blink Customer Systems” which was sold by Blink by Immedia and fulfilled by Amazon. There was one sticker in the package. The cost was also $119.99.

On 07/03/17, I ordered “Blink Home Security Camera - Add-On Unit (No Sync Module)” which was sold by Blink by Immedia fulfilled by Amazon. There was one sticker in the package. The cost was $89.99.

Thanks for looking into this.


I received the Blink Home Security yard sign. Looks great. It will look even better on my driveway fence. Will post photo tomorrow.