30 days test

Hello i bought the two Blink cameras with module at BestBuy. The BestBuy experience is hilarious and dramatic same time but ill save you all. unboxed the system and looks like cool, a lot of plastic hopefuly solid. i check the two cameras, install batteries adn module, wifi bum it works.
for 30 days i tested lenses, software, app, weather, storage, networking, security and changed access a couple of time, installed the two cams at different distance and sun rain wind impact.
The two black boxes are not so bad but, they are far from a real security camera even cheap.
I receive the notification click on that and the app took like forever to load, when is loaded it shows a video that is oalready old, the culprits are safe. A car at different hours and light expo, during the day is better, it catch the car and sometimes the plate, night, wow slow as slug. The lens is blinded by its own IR light nad has nothing in front that reflect the light. Programmable? in what sense? clip of 20 sec, restart in 10 no way, it does what the chip wants. during the day is way better, night is not its best side.
Motion detection, there is no way force the two cameras to be more reactive and on time. i tried to change the level, the distance, under the roof on the roof, on the tree, on the fence. is reactive sometimes, most of the time make me feel how bad was to buy this crap. In general the system is slow late, bad resolution, sensible to cold, blinded by its own IR, the app is slow slow slow. But setup is crazy easy, connectivity amazing, easy to install yes yes. I need a system that vigilate on my property while im in or out, that notify me right now and shows me the trigger situation. Two nights ago 5 police cars were in front of the main camera, it records anything, nothing nada. so i open the app, click on the camera and start recording, is slow as my grandgrand, but at least it does a sufficient job, unfortunately the video has the same quality of a commodore 64. i hope the support helps me to understand the mistery inside this technological marvel. Is delusional, uneffective, blurred, slow, ridicolously foggy and frozen, least but not the last the curse of the batteries. Who is the pompous engineer that take responsability to say batteries last two years but, the system ahve to works/record/beactive/whatever 1 ONE one point 5 hour a year. do some math is like 15 minutes a day in low resolution basic record time and arm and disarm using smart automation. Im here waiting for someone that shows me how im wrong. Tuesday ill pack it all and get my money back if support fail. I got Alfred with one android and one iphone, one PTZ baby monitor, and two rasp in the sky wifi. From Amazon guys i pretend a bit more then this crooked primitive products.

You could have those results for free in 8 hours. All you had to do is watch YouTube videos for 2 hours. Then spend 6 hours reading this community forum.

Yesterday I was at a Kohl’s store. They now sell Blink. No knowledge or support there of course. But Kohl’s is a return place for Amazon purchases. Amazon is profit whores nothing more, nothing less.

Blink is cheap plastic toys for home monitoring. Nothing more, nothing less. The price is your clue.

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