2FA is here

Well, March 30th.


As an additional layer of protection, on March 30, 2020 we will begin requiring that every Blink account has a verified email address so that we can provide our customers with the additional layer of security requiring 2-step verification.


Make it optional! 2FA can get in the way and should be optional. As a developer I carry different phones, depending on which app Iā€™m developing. The verification goes to the phone Iā€™m not carrying today. And, my family gets locked out until I get the right phone and send them the code in a timely way. We left Sprint because accounting got the notifications but the folks trying to make changes (for which they were authorized) could not until the accounting folks got back from lunch or the next day. I would prefer a simple notification that changes were made. Make 2FA optional.

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When will 2FA be required? If I get a motion notification or a video notification am I going to be required to double authenticate my account before being able to view the videos?

they just disabled my account, had 2fa with verification via email but now they want phone number. i provided phone number but they never sent code to verify. what a bunch of idiots