2FA and sharing account/cameras with wife


I see that 2FA is here or at least on it’s way. How will this affect my wife and I each either sharing an account or accessing the same cameras from different accounts?


It’s a short-sighted decision form Blink, and I already created another thread complaining about it. The possible workarounds are:

  1. You can contact blink and they can manually set the 2FA to e-mail you instead of using SMS / voice call. You should make sure your blink account is on an e-mail address that can re-forward to other addresses.

  2. You can link your blink account a VoIP service or Google Voice (if it’s available in your country) and forward the SMS to e-mail. Then you create an e-mail filter that re-forwards Blink notifications both to your address and your wife’s address.

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Thank you for the suggestions. I just used suggestion #1 to set up a new email for the Blink account and the verification step sent an email to both my wife’s and my own email.