2 year battery life my arse

That has got to be the greatest mislead ever! There is NO WAY to make the batteries last 2 years with normal use. I have one unit directly powered and the other is battery powered. The battery powered unit is at the front door. It see’s minimal traffic (people) and it lasts maybe a month. Unless you put these in an empty room that never sees traffic there is no way you will get 2 years of service on the battery!

Normal to you and normal to Blink are two different things. Did you look up the specifications of what normal use is according to Blink before you made your purchase?

I get about 6 months with my camera on my driveway. That’s two people coming and going, traffic in the street, and random birds.

Before the batteries finally went in my drive cam, I made an estimate of how much I was using, compared to what they describe as normal, and the answer I came up with was about 4 to 5 times as much. Guess what, the batteries lasted 6 months, and was wholly consistent with their claims.

My front door cam has reasonably high usage, but probably only about double what they call normal, and the batteries are still going strong since October 18. I will only find out how long they last when they finally fail, but so far so good. Can’t assess if the use here is consistent with their claims, but it’s looking promising. Need to make it to October for it to stack up.

Two others are powered, with batteries as a back up, and they are obviously fine, and my final camera, again going since October last year shows no sign of giving out. I hardly use that, bar for a still shot once per week, so I’m hoping for a good few years from that one. Evidence so far would suggest that I’ll get it, though who knows.

Hey @CIRE75087,

I’m very sorry you are having this issue. I definitely recommend reaching out to support! If you are using your cameras at or below standard use, than your battery absolutely should be lasting longer.

Keep me updated.

3 of my 6 XT outdoor cameras are going on 18 months with original batteries. They fall inline with Blinks description of standard use. The other 3 cameras I have experience more than standard use so batteries have been replaced. 1 camera killed batteries in 2 hours. Why? Because wife decided to spend a few hours hand shoveling deck during winter. That camera kept recording 45 second film clips until the batteries died in about 2 hours.

By the way, here is the standard use specification.

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if you watch the videos on your app, does that kill the battery life of the camera?

No, only the initial recording of the video or viewing live uses up camera battery life. If you have one video in your clip roll, you could watch the over and over again, and the camera is not involved. Once the video is in the cloud, on Blink’s servers, then only Blink’s servers and your app are active. Might drain the battery on your phone though. :grinning:

Great, thank you! I just installed one in our backyard and its only been 4 days and we have a low battery already, but it hasnt recorded that much!! But it was skunks, and my dad dancing so i’ve watched it a few times on my phone lol. Now its showing LOW BATTERY on that camera… Maybe I received bad batteries.

Try changing some of the settings for less sensitivity and others. The only real option i have found for outstanding battery life is to directly plug it in (usb power cord to back)to a constant power source. That’s the best option i have found. Both of mine are wired in for power versus the "2 year battery claim)…

Something is wrong if you only got 4 days, unless you had hundreds of videos.

Maybe you did receive bad batteries, but that would be surprising. They have a long shelf life, very long, so they shouldn’t have discharged by any amount before deployment, and they are a good quality make.

It should have come with two energiser lithium ultimate. Definitely worth getting a new set of those before doing more testing, but if they go too, then you have a fault. We have read about hot cameras a number of times, so it’s not totally unheard of.

Is the camera warm to the touch? What is the temperature reading for the camera in the app? If it isn’t faulty, it takes ‘some going’ to drain the batteries in a few days. If they go in a few days again, then you should raise a support ticket, unless you have a huge amount of recordings, or viewed live for a whole heap of time.

One user, Joel_Ek, reported that his wife drained a set in a few hours, if I recall correctly, by clearing snow off their deck, without having disarmed the camera. This would have produced a lot of consecutive recordings, so not unexpected.

As I reported earlier in this thread, my experience is that they last exactly as Blink describe. 6 months at 4 to 5 times their specified rate of use. At least 12 months at double the ‘normal’ rate of use, and I’m hoping for longer still, for one camera, where my usage is much lower than normal, very much lower. Currently at a year and counting, and all remains well.

When I get home I will touch the camera to see if it feels warm> Thank you
I appreciate your response!

You can just look in the app.

I have problems with my non-Blink powered cameras getting very warm when night vision LEDs are in-use. They take a lot of power in both the power supply drive circuitry, and in the LED’s themselves.

Blink cameras have both an IR LED for lighting and an IR photo-detector to detect motion.

I suspect the night lighting as a power hog.

Blink can be tied into Alexa, and Alexa can turn lights on whenever Blink detects motion. So the Blink infrared light does not drain power at night (Blink App can turn off IR Lighting)

I’m planning on buying some Blink cameras to fill in some security gaps. I hope to find out how you solved this issue. I’m interested in Blink because it doesn’t need to be powered.

I’m curious how much power/milli-amps continuous video consumes. For calculating worst case mAh drain of batteries. Something more to research. I capture my thoughts and fill in what I find out as time permits.


Toni, with all due respect…your questions indicate that you’ve done zero research. Read the FAQs. Then peruse the forum, using search as necessary. THEN come back with follow-up questions. Thank you.

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I just changed the batteries in my front door camera. They lasted almost exactly a year. Acceptable to me considering the amount of use–about 6-8 times a day normally. I get 15 second recordings, I have the IR disabled, and I only used Live View about 6 times. I do get occasional warnings about high usage.

BTW when I set up the Alexa Skill for the Blink camera it automatically enabled an Alexa notification that the Blink batteries needed to be replaced. I had not checked the battery level for a while and got an email telling me that they needed to be replaced. And since it’s Amazon there are settings to disable the notification or to automatically initiate a battery purchase if so desired. That is not automatic and needs to be set.

I’m using blink system and originally bought 2 camera system with batteries these have been up for 6 months now and batteries are still OK I recently added a 3rd but the batteries in this one are rubbish I’ve replaced them with long lasting lithium batteries but only get a week, so where can I buy the batteries that will last

Three years and still working. Optimising your settings is essential. ifttt activates mine when I leave home and back off when arrive. Dead zones to prevent the sun featuring multiple times; all I record is non household members at y door. Just worked whilst I typed this as I got a delivery.

2 years* with standard use (approx. 53,870 seconds)

You should read the specs before you go off on a tangent. I have one cameras over 1 year, using the suggested settings and the batteries are still going strong on my XT2. I have 3 other XT2s, and 1 Outdoor. Have not hand to change batteries in any of them to date. It pays to read.