2 (two) phones

  i have 2 phones one mine one my wife, is there any way i can access my outdoor camera using both phones ?

Yes. However both phones must use the same email and password to login to the one account. Blink does not support multiple accounts on a system.

More info at https://support.blinkforhome.com/

I tried using the same email and password but it did not work, it said : already registered account, i used same phone number and password !

i ment i tried the same email and password and got already registered account !

Maybe there is some confusion. Your wife needs to download the app and sign in using your sign in credentials. Nothing more. She does not need to register anything. Try that.

still no luck, she downloaded the app and used my sign in information … goes to add device

when she opens the app it just goes to add device

Get out of add device. You do not want to add any hardware. Press the home button on the bottom left of screen.

Also what brand and model of mobile device is she using to run the Blink app on?

Galaxy A51 , Samsung

home button goes to SHOP BLINK

HI Clifford

Just to be clear, you can currently access these cameras on your own device, with your own credentials?

and, to further clarify, if you can, can you also log out and back in again on your own device?

Thats a very new or a brand new 5G phone. Msy not work yet with Blink app. Can always try a different phone or even a tablet as a temporary test.

i just signed out for the first time, put my email and password in NOW i can not sign in

That most likely means you think your credentials are something that they are not, which explains why your wife’s set-up appears as though it is new, with no devices.

now what do i do , i cant log in to my camera

Get support to send you a password reset email to your registered account. This will confirm which account is being used, as you will receive the email to the registered account, and it will allow you to set a new password, so you have all the information for both devices.

i will try that thank you

changed my password now i cant access my camera, do i have to change anything else ???

Did you request the password reset from support, or did you invoke it yourself from the app, on the log-in screen? I ask, because everything you describe seems consistent with using the wrong email address to identify your account, thus you are using a brand new one, which has no attached devices. This would explain why when you log in on your wife’s mobile device, you see no Blink hardware listed. Now, using that same address on your device, and having had that password reset, you too see no devices.

If you call Blink, give them the serial number of your sync module, and or cameras, and they will know which account it is and which email address the account was created with. They will not be able to tell you, due to data protection requirements, but they will be able to send an email to that registered account. The account that is registered to your hardware devices.

Once you know the account, you will be able to do all you wanted to achieve. Moreover, if you enlist their support, then you can ask them to walk you through the process.

Although data protection would not allow them to give any data back to you, they might be able to go as far as to say, “No it is not registered to that email address”, when you contact them and give them the address you are trying to use.

Good luck with them.

support gave me password, camera name shows up on app than i get blank screen says no recent activity… solid green light and blue light on my module. i can see the camera on my tv (amazon fire tv and on my amazon show !) but i can not see anything on my phone ! my phone and app was working good, had no problems video showed up … when i was told to turn off my phone and turn it back on than i got nothing …redownloaded app installed twice still no luck…please advise