2 step verification problem

I tried to get onto my blink app today and it is requiring a phone number for 2 step verification the only problem is when I put my number in and tell it to text me the system never does. When I change the number o a land line and tell it to call me I never get a call. and I can’t access the blink app to view any video footage, activate or deactivate the system. Is anyone else having the same issue? When I try calling Verizon tells me the call cannot be completed as dialed the same thing occurs when I call from a land line.


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Happening to a lot of people today. See Blink's short-sighted and poorly considered 2-Factor Authentication Approach (and how to fix it)

I am having the same problem. I can’t get a code via text or voicemail.

Basically it makes the system completely useless until I can successfully complete the 2 factor authentication process.

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Well I finally got a verification code and am able to get into the app. All I can tell you is to keep trying I just got a 3rd verification code it is the same for all 3.

How long did it take to get the code?

Had the same problem - tried using text to get the code. Never received a text after 2-3 tries (in about a 15 minute time period). Then I tried getting a phone call and all that did was leave a voice mail to “press 0”.

Then I finally tried getting a code texted to me and it arrived about 5 minutes after I requested it.

Ironically(?) the verification code arrived via text just after I logged into this Blink Community …

About 45 minutes

I got a code and it didn’t work. Now I am told there are no other codes to send. It also refuses to recognize my phone number, says it is incorrect.

I got a code and it said it was incorrect. Tried entering it again. Now I am locked out totally, and can not even sign out of my account. This is ludicrous. I basically have no account right now.

DATE: 25 Feb.
tried the verification code process. Got the code via txt msg., I entered the code in the appropriate fields as provided. And now my whole Blink network/cameras are locked up!!! The verification screen to enter the code; well, it WILL NOT go away! I cannot do anything, I can’t send/ask for a new verification code the system errors every time! BUT! the screen where you enter the verification code is still there! I can’t get rid of it!! Support at Blink is not responding to my questions. And it appears they are not responding to a lot of customers. SO; here is what I did.
1). I deleted the Blink app from off my phone.
2). I then reloaded the Blink app onto my phone.
When I reloaded, the app asked for my email and password as normal.
When I logged in, a verification code was sent immediately via text message.
The “enter your verification code” screen popped up, and I entered the V-Code.
That worked.

Same thing I had to do a few weeks ago. Blink ain’t perfect by any means. But for its cheap price, half-assed good enough goes a long way.

Me too. The button to send the text remains disabled, so it never even tries to send the text.

I am just now accessing Blink after a 10 day power outage (ice storm), and I thought all of my problems were related to that. Nope, it’s the 2FA Setup that just doesn’t work. Now I am locked out of my Blink account. ARRRRGGGGH.

I’ve not set the 2FA to text me. The wireless in my area is miserably low (1 or 2 bars). Always get a very quick turnaround via email, generally in my inbox before I have time to look for it (on wifi).