15 minutes on the clock

Blink outdoor cameras and door announcer don’t like to co-exist. Since installing Blink cameras and the sync module, every 15 mins (exactly) the door announcer goes off. Ding Dong! The door announcer alerts that someone has walked through the doorway. I’m thinking it is interference on the 2.4G signal. The door announcer also goes off if the cameras trigger on motion and start recording. Anyone run into this before? Was there a cure other than replacing the offending equipment? Thanks.

Does the sync module send a signal every 15 mins?

Yes, on its low frequency channel, 900MHz, not WiFi. Having said that, I thought it was 20 minutes, or even 30, but it’s entirely possible that this has changed, or I was mistaken. Definitely sends a status report from sync module, and probably back again, at regular intervals. I was trying to check last night, before replying to your post, but got muddled up with my timing, and then forgot.

Thank you for the reply. I think I’ll have to replace the motion detecting door announcer.