10-15 minute notification delay

In the last week or two I have been suffering delays to notifications of activity by up to 15 minutes from the normal few seconds. The camera is recording clips and they are available to view within a few seconds. This is happening on three iOS devices and on or off wifi.

I have updated and re-synced the camera to no avail but given the clips are available suggests the delay could be elsewhere.

Is there any other action I can take?

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Yes, open a support ticket. Posting here does not guarantee that the right folks are listening.


I just started experiencing the same exact thing just this past week. 15 minute delay. If there was an intruder at my door this delay is not gonna work out. Ridiculous.

I am suddenly experiencing delays between camera being activated and notifications received on phone of 30 minutes or more. I have multiple cameras across 3 sync units, all showing strong Wi-Fi and sync connection. Until this week the delays were only a minute or 2, but now it is ridiculously long - sometimes more than 30 minutes. Why has this changed? I’ve messaged support

I just started having this issue a week or so ago. The Alert and the videos show up about 10-20 minutes later. I’ve turned off the unit, reset WiFi, and it happens on the two devices that get the alerts and it happens with both cameras. My iPhone is updated as of today, so it was the last version and the one that uploaded today.