1 year anniversary

2 out of my 4 cams have been on the same batteries for a year this month, the 3rd cam same batteries around 10 months I think and 4th cam around 8 months.

I think the biggest factor in this is I use the scheduling and trying to point my cams away from the streets.


I have a few dozen. My original two kickstarters are still running but they very rarely are triggered. One I got soon after the kickstartedr is in my mailbox which is triggered at least six times a week. It still has the original batteries. Yet others have exhausted batteries in just a few months. Some cameras drain batteries more than others. I shuffle them around so those draining the most I plug into a power source.

I think the mailbox unit has lasted so long because the events are spread out and somewhat regular. Cameras in high traffic areas exhaust rather quickly. Again, the more spread out the events the better in my opinion.

Mine are never armed when Iā€™m home and awake, they arm when I go to sleep and disarm when I get up. They re arm 2 min after I leave and dis arm right before I get back home.

If I can remember, I disarm my mailbox right before removing the mail and then rearm it. Otherwise it is armed all the time.